3 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. Here is the first review posted on the Amazon Kindle page:

    Funny and sarcastic
    Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2020
    Verified Purchase
    . The actual customer questions and comments are comical, off the wall, and unexpected.
    Loved the hilarious, sarcastic commentary and the real life tie-ins. Kept me laughing throughout. Funny for anyone.
    If you’re in the business- a must.


  2. Good job Richie Rich! Well done. Had some belly laughs. I can’t believe people ask such stupid questions omg. I am giving my copy to my favorite waitress. She will appreciate it greatly I’m sure.

    Have you thought about doing stand up?

    I think you should write one for IT questions.


  3. Don’t be shy – feel free to leave your review of the book here! Oh, you probably don’t have a copy yet. Stay tuned, ordering info will be posted soon!


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